You can merge it to your current order if you placed one, but that means your entire order won’t ship until the last item is ready—and that means late November once the Onett cover is available. The planner book doesn’t technically start until December 24th, so that’s up to you if you want to place a separate order for the cover!


Orders open for the 2015 Hobonichi Techo on Sundaaaay!

I started using these last year when the English ones started coming out, and I love it.  The first year was an experiment, and I almost didn’t get one last year.  With a cover, they’re ridiculously expensive, but I did keep up with it all through 2013.  Now I don’t mind the expense, because I use it so much for work that I’d lose my shit without it.

But they always have such a nice selection of covers.  I love that you can pay anywhere between $13 and, if I’m not mistaken, $443.  I want to see the ballin’ businessman rolling around with $470 worth of arty daily planner.

So!  Here are the covers that caught my eye.  The bottom one is a new, and very cheap, silicon cover.  I can vet that Japanese silicon accessories are bizarrely tough and very easy to clean.  I’ve been using a p&g design wallet most of the year, and it’s indestructible.  So this would be super-durable, but I tend to stuff my cover with things (flags, sticky tabs, a special techo calculator, tiny scissors, stamps, two different wee notebooks, and the photo wallet), so this doesn’t have enough pockets, and I need the butterfly closure to keep it closed. Especially after 6+ months of stuffing business cards and notes between the pages.

2nd from bottom is faux rabbit fur.  I was tempted by the zipper designs last year, and I suspect this would be a smidge more roomy, which I need.  But not only would I creep out everyone who saw it, I suspect this would be soiled within weeks.  And the zipper might be cumbersome.  I like flipping mine open fast.

3rd from bottom is the Onett cover, which comes with a Mr. Saturn pencilboard.  This is probably what most people will get.  Admittedly, it’s cool.  Again though, I use this a lot for work, and that’s not very professional.

The cat one has high creep points.  I’m torn whether, for work, that would be considered too childish, or so creepy that nobody would comment.  The designer name on the front might be its undoing for me, though.

2nd from top is the World Textile series cover.  I did this my first year, and loved it.  It has the outside pocket,  which is where I keep my blank paper pad.  This also has a similar color scheme to the 2013 cover I used.  But… it’s not embroidered.

#1 is embroidered though, and by pure accident, I wound up with that style for ‘13 and ‘14.  It’s so luxurious, I don’t know that I could change, and if I did it would need to be very different.  I’m torn between whether I like or am ambivalent to that actual design, but it’s neutral enough that I could acceptably use it for work.  I’m bummed I can’t find something more colorful, since I’m using a delightful pink and yellow one this year.  By coincidence, this is also the same designer as the ‘14 cover I have, which is cool.  The big disadvantage here is that there’s no outside pocket (again, that’s where I keep my blank pages).  I’d need to get another cover-on-cover, since those have a slot for an outside pocket that I just cram the extra paper into.  The one I had is from ‘13 (annoyingly, they print the year on them), and is splitting at the seams.  A new one would also split pretty quick, since I overstuff this thing, but I need that extra pocket because I’m an addict.

I will take pictures of mine sometime soon.  It’s hard, since I don’t want people seeing my work stuff, which is mostly what I have in there.  But I accessorize it so well.  And I’m completely obsessed with it, honestly.



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Full 2015-Edition Cover Lineup Preview Now Online

The full lineup is now available online! (Viewing only.) The site is currently only in Japanese but this will all be in English once the store goes live on August 31st, 7 PM PST.


Direct link to Onett cover

Direct link to full lineup

Guide to lineup:


BONUS: This is the Mr. Saturn pencilboard that comes with every MOTHER 2 cover. Now you can see Mr. Saturn’s font in Japanese!:


That Swimming Anime

Shows with Athletes, Shows with spine,

Shows where sports and gays combine.

They show off their backstrokes, They show off their butterflies 

Every Once and a While the blonde guy cries.

Every wednesday is the same,

I cant seem to get away from this floating game

Makoto, Haruka, Nagisa, Rei…


No don’t let it show, No don’t let me go 

AH, OOP, UHP - you’re too slow

Its already online

The title screen is showing

Is this show really such a bad crime?