Yoshimoto Banana’s Special Holiday in Mykonos


The Hobonichi Techo Spring Edition cover, Windows of Mykonos, first went on sale on February 1, 2014. The cover is modeled after the beautiful white scenery of the Greek island of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea. Turns out, famous author Yoshimoto Banana is also a big fan of Mykonos, and even went there for research on a book she published in 2010 that takes place there, called Another World.

So just what does Banana do on Mykonos Island? We had our resident Mykonos-obsessed Hobonichi staff member Fujita, and Yuunaito, who’s worked with Banana in the past, meet with Banana to hear all about it!



We’re two months into the new year, so many of us have gotten a chance to begin settling down into our Hobonichi Planners. How are you liking yours? Being so early in our international debut, Hobonichi would love to hear how users across the world are liking the planners. That’s where the online survey comes in!

They’d love to hear all about you, your shopping experience, and how you’re enjoying your planner. It’s been amazing seeing the Hobonichi Planner reach outside of Japan for the first time, and they want input from all their new users overseas so they can make the planner better than ever! Would you like to see new features? Would you like to see an A5 Cousin-size English version? Let them know!

There are a total of about 30 questions, and it should take about 10-15 minutes to completely fill out the survey. The deadline for submissions is March 24, 11 AM Japan time (2 AM GMT, or March 23, 7 PM PDT.)

You can find the survey here: https://jp.surveymonkey.com/s/N33Y5WH


The English version Hobonichi Techo interior pages.

There are three different calendar formats before the journal section begins! How much do I love the columnar one for keeping track of daily tasks?! (i can’t remember the last time I did my 3 things, so no marks yet… I’m hoping this visual record will help me do what I’m supposed to)

I also love that the monthly calendar pages are gridded. I can see so much possibility for that, and I don’t think it’s a very common format.

The journal pages themselves have a Day 0 for each month with plain lines before the gridded Day 1, which is nice for planning or notes. Sunday’s are printed in orange instead of grey, but I didn’t get a photo of that…

Incidentally, the Rhodia planner has made me very fond of the orange/grey combo for journals and calendars.

The pages are basically like bible paper, but better. They’re super thin and almost translucent, so ink *will* show through, but my fountain pens didn’t bleed through at all! I did find that they are slower to dry as a result, and I need to invest in waterproof black (I’m thinking Aurora Black).

Finally, the back of the journal, before the pages about Japanese food and drink, has several pages of orange dot grid. I don’t actually have any ideas how to use it, but it looks nice.

I am ordering some washi tape and a watercolour set from jetpens today. I got doublesided tape from target yesterday… Where else is good to order cute washi tape?


It’s that time of year, when Hobonichi is hard at work designing the 2015 planner, and they need your help! Next year, one of the informational pages in the back of the book will feature a list of “Ways to Make Decisions” all over the world. These are essentially ways that adults use to make a random decision when they can’t come up with an answer, so for example, Eenie-Meenie-Miny-Mo may not be one of them. Our list consists of: Rock Paper Scissors and Amidakuji (http://www.tofugu.com/2010/06/16/amidakuji-how-to-make-your-decisions-random-japanese-style/) in Japan, and a coin toss and drawing straws in America. Are there any other methods you can think of that people make random decisions? Methods used outside of Japan and the U.S. are especially welcomed! Leave your ideas in a comment or post them on the original Facebook thread here: https://www.facebook.com/hobonichi.planner/posts/10102653921302332?stream_ref=10


Anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of getting an Instax mini to take picture for my hobonichi as well as other things. I recall seeing some type of photo printer last year on the Japanese Hobonichi site. Do you have any recommendations?


Instax cameras look awesome, but I’ve never used one before. If anyone knows about photo printers and has any recommendations, reply with a comment!

I personally just bought a printer for my Hobonichi Techo, but I figured I’d get one that I can use for regular printing, too. So I got a normal inkjet home printer that has AirPrint, and I take pictures on my iPhone, use an app like Pic Stitch to make collages out of them, print them out on 4x6” photo paper, and then cut all the pictures out. It’s really effective in making thumbnail-size photos to tape to my pages, so that’s my personal recommendation if you want to go an all-purpose route. (I personally was worried about the price of film for instant cameras, but I haven’t done the research to check.)image




muffinandcups asked:

I've read there's an academic hobonichi coming starting in April, do you know anything about it? I've missed ordering it last year and am content starting my planner in April.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by academic—the Japanese school year starts in April, so maybe just that it coincides with the new year? But yes, there is an April version, but it’s Japanese-only. The English planner only begins with January.

If you’re okay using the Japanese-version Hobonichi Techo, and you want the Spring version, you’ve got a choice between two sizes: Original (A6) and Cousin (A5).

You can find ordering instructions here: http://help.1101.com/store/help/en/713.html

Please note!! The above walkthrough’s product links connect you to the regular January-start version. Here’s the spring version books:

(Blue: Monday-start week, Red: Sunday-start week)

Original: http://www.1101.com/store/techo/2014/detail_hontai/c_r.html

Cousin: http://www.1101.com/store/techo/2014/detail_hontai/c_cr_m.html (Monday-start only)

The thing is, the Japanese Hobonichi Store cover+planner sets have all switched over to automatically include the April-start planner, so you also have the option of adding a set to your cart from the Japanese end and then just switching your cart to English right away.


Yellow header: Original size, Turquoise header: Cousin size


A very late Hobonichi Techo post~ I’ll be talking about ordering and the product itself after the cut:

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i’m growing to really really love the hobonichi planner. it’s not really a “planner” i think that’s just how it translated into English. every day has its own dedicated page and it forces me to sit down on even the most uneventful days and make notes about what was on my mind, what i was into. i…


The online shop will be closed from January 27th, 11 AM to February 1st, 11 AM Japan time (Jan. 26th 9 PM EST to Jan. 31st 9PM EST in North America).

Every year, Hobonichi closes the online store for about a week to renovate the store and prepare it for the Spring edition shop. The Japanese version also comes in a Spring version that begins in April instead of January, and this spring edition planner joins the line-up of fully restocked covers in addition to a new spring-edition cover or two. The Japanese version January-start planner will still be available while supplies last.

As to how this will affect the English store, the Hobonichi Planner is only available with a January start date. The Hobonichi Planner books will continue to be in stock, all the covers will be restocked, and a spring-edition cover will be added to the lineup.

So if you’d like to place any orders now, get them in soon! Otherwise, we’ll see you at the end of the week, with a full inventory ready to go!


Anonymous asked:

Two questions! Does the Premium tanned cow hide cover have a pocket on the back for the small notebook? I mean the version with the two pen loops. It's hard to see and it doesn't mention it in the description. And secondly, are there new editions each season, or just in Spring, and does the Spring edition have "planning months" like the 2 days on a page December pages in the normal planner, but for February and March, or does it just start in April?


Yes, the Premium Tanned Cow Hide cover has a back pocket. It’s a great cover that’s really high quality with all the perks of the other covers, but you can enjoy watching the leather slowly age over time:


(Pictured above: after 6 years of use. It takes on unique marks and stains that make it yours and yours alone)

There are only two editions of the techo; the main one that starts in January, and a Spring edition that starts with April. The English version is only available with the main version that starts with January, so anyone interested in an April-start planner would have to use the Japanese version.

And similar to the main version, the Spring techo starts with 2-pages-per-day in March, and then switches to full one-day pages in April.

These Spring edition techos go on sale every year on February 1st, along with a brand new Spring edition cover; so every February 1st, there’s a new cover or two to join the full restocking of the lineup.


authenticate asked:

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the entry with washi tape from Jo Ann Fabrics! Beautiful. I will have to check them out to get some.



You’re welcome! JoAnn had a moderate selection of two-packs in their store brand and some others in their scrapbooking section. If there is a Pat Catan’s by you, they also have a large selection of single washi tape packages. I have not checked Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it there, too!

Looking for official Hobonichi Planner add-ons? Find the complete guide HERE!

Any add-ons are available for overseas shipping, and can be added to your cart through the Japanese store and then checked out in English. Just add the item to your cart and click “English” on the top right of your cart. See illustrated instructions here.

Hobonichi Techo Cover Power Rankings

The new year has begun, and lots of people have already started using their Hobonichi Planners. We’ve put together a ranking for best-selling covers for orders placed outside Japan, and it’s really interesting to see which ones are the most popular. I’ve always felt a special kind of excitement when I see someone using the same techo cover as I am. If you haven’t bought a cover yet, maybe this will give you some ideas!

By the way, here’s the Top 5 list for number of orders by country:
1. United States
2. Taiwan
3. China
4. Canada
5. England

We’ve also sent Hobonichi Planners to such places as Denmark, Brunei, the United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Norway, Martinique, Ethiopia, and Cyprus, just to name a few from the long list! Maybe it won’t be too far in the future for us to spot the name Hobonichi when traveling around the world!


Want a Hobonichi Techo planner, a desk calendar filled with photos of Itoi’s dog, & other goodies? ⊟

We have several of those to give away, thanks to the kindness of 1101 — yes, that same company led by Shigesato Itoi, creator of the celebrated Earthbound / Mother series.

Here’s what we want to give you:

The contest is the same as last year: just post a reblog or leave a comment telling us what you’d do with your Hobonichi Techo and/or the calendar if you won them. Make sure to use your real email so we can contact you if you win. We’ll pick the best answers a week from now!

BUY Mother 3/Earthbound, Hobonichi Techo, upcoming games

Washi Tape


This colourful masking tape is an essential to liven up your planner pages, and pretty useful for sticking in loose paper and little bits ‘n’ bobs. This is a giant collation of many ways people have used washi tape in their hobonichi journals, credit is all to them! 

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