Hobonichi … contact sheets of pages for July and August.

Interesting to look back at all of the pages in this way, spread out before me.  Sadly, I couldn’t get the day sequence to auto-generate correctly, so things are slightly out of order.  Still, I find the big picture interesting to look at.


Today’s sketch daily was potatoes… Lol and we watched the best show EVARRRRR (for like the 6th time) need moar Rick and Morty!


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I am “patiently” waiting for the rest of my mildliners to arrive. Shipping says those pretties should be in my hands on Monday! I am in desperate need for those yellows and oranges!! Once they come in I’ll be able to finish this page :3


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Hobonichi Appreciation - Redux

I made a post a month after I got my Hobonichi planner, saying how awesome it was, now 5 months later, i’m happy to say its still as awesome as ever!

I have tried again and again to keep a daily journal, but always loose interest in it after a few weeks, with my Hobonichi i’ve been able to keep every page filled with something!

I love going back and looking at the past, bringing back happy memories, and the paper is still unmatched! With the pens I use, its almost like i’m painting with them, allowing me to even mix the colours if i’m quick enough.

The Hobonichi store is now open for the 2015 version of the planner, and I will certainly be getting my order in once my chosen cover is available again (The Onett one of course!)

If you’ve been looking for a daily planner… this is the one to get!

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My new obsession!!! i need a hobonichi planner . I love them . Been scrolling the hashtag for hours! I need to start writing more.

photo cred to the artist.👌


Day 11: Throwback. The day my Hobonichi arrived; back when I thought I could write large (for me, that’s large) and skip lines and wouldn’t be filling up almost every page. Hahaha no. #ohsnapaday #hobonichi


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