Hobonichi Techo Cover Power Rankings

The new year has begun, and lots of people have already started using their Hobonichi Planners. We’ve put together a ranking for best-selling covers for orders placed outside Japan, and it’s really interesting to see which ones are the most popular. I’ve always felt a special kind of excitement when I see someone using the same techo cover as I am. If you haven’t bought a cover yet, maybe this will give you some ideas!

By the way, here’s the Top 5 list for number of orders by country:
1. United States
2. Taiwan
3. China
4. Canada
5. England

We’ve also sent Hobonichi Planners to such places as Denmark, Brunei, the United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Norway, Martinique, Ethiopia, and Cyprus, just to name a few from the long list! Maybe it won’t be too far in the future for us to spot the name Hobonichi when traveling around the world!