Introducing the New Two-Part Hobonichi Techo, avec

The Hobonichi Techo is available for the very first time in a two-part set with each book split into six months each. The books come in the A6 Original and A5 Cousin size and will only be available in Japanese. Everything is the same as the original full-year books, but now you can have a techo that’s lighter and easier to carry with you.

See here for full information.


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A Message from Hobonichi Editor-in-Chief Shigesato Itoi

The Hobonichi Techo is a Life Book, and you are the author.

2015 marks the 14th year since we first created the Hobonichi Techo. As I reflect on the Hobonichi Techo, I’m starting to think it’s growing out of its own definition as a planner. It’s more than just a schedule book to keep appointments, and it’s not quite a diary, nor is it just a notebook. So I just kind of wonder what it really is.

The first thing I think of is how a user writes about his“Life” in the Hobonichi Techo. Life in a bigger sense, and life in an everyday sense. Turn this into a verb, and you get live, which brings you to all kind of meanings: living in a home, living your life path, and even live in person.

In other words, the word “Life” has two meanings to it: one that’s on a smaller scale, with every little moment, and one that refers to the grander scheme of things. I find it amazing that it can encompass all that. And when I look at people’s techos, I realized the same thing is happening.

If you were to rip out every daily page from your Hobonichi Techo and line it all up on a huge floor, one single day would look like just a single measly page within a huge sea of paper. But maybe one page will say “Ate pork chops today,” and another will say “Had a baby.” And some of the pages will be blank. All of these stand as records of things you personally experienced in your life. And if you stack these all on top of each other like a mille-feuille pastry, you can say, “This is my life.”

I don’t know if this serves as a good example or not, but the other day I read a techo by a professional baseball player who recorded his daily life. I was expecting a professional ball player to be thinking about baseball all the time and writing about it in his techo. But instead, he wrote things like “My dog is so cute,” and “My dog laid on my chest.” No sign of baseball anywhere. (laughs) But all lumped together, that’s who that person is.

Not many people in the world live a life that even sounds like some sort of biography. But living the life that’s written in your techo—working, playing, getting angry, laughing—that’s what it really means to live. And each person’s techo with their life written on the pages, well, that’s your autobiography. It just so happens that you have no way of distributing it to the masses, and each person just has one copy of their own. Maybe someone will want to read your book, and maybe you’ll read back on it in the future. “Book” generally refers to something that has already been printed, but the Hobonichi Techo is a book that’s ready for reading after the fact.

So this is a book that contains each person’s year. It’s a single volume in a vast collection, but there’s something really comforting to know that everyone in the world has one. At the same time, we can feel that everyone in the world deserves to be cherished by someone, and that includes both yourself and others.

So starting today, let’s give the Hobonichi Techo a new definition. It’s a Life Book. You’re the author, and you’re writing this book for the very first time.

As always, the Hobonichi Techo will begin sales on September 1st. I hope we see you soon.

Shigesato Itoi


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2014-07-22 今日からわたしもトラベラー(・∀・)の日。旅行嫌いがよりによってトラベラーズノートをゲット(笑) リフィルだけだけど。どうしてもMIDORIペーパーをお試ししたくて。まだ触診しかしてない… ついでのマステとかシールとかで豪華な小包が届きましたわ (*ノω・*)テヘ

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Hobonichi’s New Haramaki Model

Cool Detail: For those who haven’t noticed, the score on the Super Mario World belly warmer is 1101, Hobonichi’s URL.


Original post here.

Haramaki Store

Ordering Instructions



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2014 edition Hobonichi Planner store closing August 19th

In order to prepare for the release of the 2015 edition Hobonichi Planner and the full lineup of all-new covers, the current Hobonichi Store will be CLOSING on August 19th, 11 AM Japan time (2 AM GMT, March 18 at 7 PM PDT).

If you would like a 2014-edition planner or cover, please make your purchases soon! Once the store is closed, these products will no longer be available. But soon enough they’ll have a big lineup of gorgeous new covers to make it hard for you to decide again! :)

Their big announcement to reveal all the new designs will take place at the end of the month, about a week before the new store opens. The 2015 edition Hobonichi Store will go online on September 1st, 11 AM Japan time (2 AM GMT, August 31 at 7 PM PDT).

*NOTE: If you would like to order a 2014-edition product and potentially ship it with a 2015-edition product to save on shipping, you can complete your order now, go back to your account and view current orders, and there will be a button to “Hold Shipping” for up to 60 days. This will give you time to combine orders later and ship together. If you don’t end up ordering anything, you can just release the shipping hold when the time comes. (Walkthrough coming soon!)


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Hobonichi Presents: Official Nintendo Haramaki Belly Warmers


Shigesato Itoi’s company, Hobonichi, is mostly known overseas for its quirky but versatile daily planner, the Hobonichi Techo. Another major product is one less familiar overseas: the haramaki, or belly warmer.

As this old but informative PingMag article points out, the haramaki was once strictly functional underwear that had a grandpa-image similar to yellowing long johns. In 2001, Hobonichi reinvented them as fashion items to layer with your clothes.


You know those everyday momentary chills you get when you bend over and your shirt rides up a little? Gone. I see London, I see France, I see someone’s wearing a super handsome belly warmer over their pants. Studies have proven that wearing this thick, extra layer around your stomach keeps the rest of your body warm in the winter. It’s also great in the summer when trapped inside all day under a blasting air conditioner.


Before and after wearing a haramaki at room temperature.

The 2014 Summer collection includes three very special designs created in collaboration with Nintendo. One design stars Mario, and two designs feature Mr. Saturn from EarthBound.





*Designs are reversible

While the sizes were designed around the relatively smaller body of Japanese people, the terrycloth material is incredibly stretchy and large enough to fit most westerners. You can wear it directly over your skin, over an undershirt and under your shirt, or completely over your shirt.

You can find size charts and ordering instructions here.