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08.11 and 08.12 in the #hobonichi:

This week wasn’t great. Robin Williams died, then Lauren Bacall. Ferguson’s rule of “law” emerged as the latest filth of humanity against its own.

And personally, things weren’t great either. I’m waiting for it all to pass so things can stop sucking.


August 10, 2014

Spriting is so much fun! And the techo is perfect for mapping out sprites.

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)


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dimortuisunt asked:

I wanted to try a Hobonichi planner for 2015 but all the covers for the planner seem to cost A LOT of money. If I get an english planner will it fit into a japanese techo cover (which are much cheaper)? Thanks!


The English A6 and the Japanese “Original” A6 both fit each others’ covers! They’re just listed separately because the English planner and those expensive covers are all by the same design company. Go ahead and look at Original covers too :D Cousin is the one that’s a different size (A5).


手帳とペンが増えました 展覧会などで感想を忘れないようその場でかくために #stationaryaddict #pilot #fountainpen #pen #penaddict #tokyo #japan #ほぼ日手帳


These don’t really count as day entries but I wanted to show off how I customized the first pages with stickers of stuff I love and how handy the zippers cover I chose is. I store all sorts of things from event fliers, sticky notepads and markers to stickers I print and cut and even mini bookmarks. It’s been getting a lot of use, to say the least.


ronsonol asked:

I'm a little indecisive this year. Last year I purchased an English Planner and loved it. This coming 2015 year I was leaning towards the Japanese for some of colors on its pages and also since I'm taking Japanese courses I feel it appropriate to have one in Japanese. What are the differences between the Japanese and English Planner?


There’s actually a handy guide for that!

Honestly, when someone’s studying Japanese I usually recommend the Japanese version. It’s a perfect way to expose yourself to the language every day. And if you like all the colors, go ahead and give it a shot. It’s always fun to experiment with different techos each year. Similar enough but also refreshing. :)
And hey if you don’t like it you can either sell it online and go back to the English Hobonichi Planner mid-2015, or switch again in 2016.


Hobonichi and Peony:  I’ve got a Japanese peony in my front yard.  It’s very shady there so I can never get more than one bloom out of the plant, but when it blooms, it’s always spectacular.  I took my annual photo of it, then attempted to draw it, using pencil, pencil crayons, and a pink Sharpie highlight marker.   



昨日の #ほぼ日手帳

今日のリラックマの影が • •


#squaready 昨天有妹子问我两本hobo是如何同时使用的,我才想起来我似乎还从未po过另一本hobo的图呢!我有两本hobo,同时只作为日记本用,这就意味着我每天晚上要用两个本子写日记诶!hobo是从来不会带出家门的。嗯,下面揭开薄荷绿(人家是真皮的好嘛!哪里要这破清新名字)神秘面纱~人家刷屏来啦!😁😁#hobo #hobochi #filofax #filofaxlover ##ほぼ日##ほぼ日手帳#


littlemiss-smiley asked:

Can you please explain to me how to buy a hobonichi I'm very confused 😂



I know they’re not very clear on the website! You need to buy the black hobonichi book, then also chose a cover separately. You won’t automatically get the diary included if you just buy a cover. I have the skyfull blue mix cover (, so I added that to my basket, then I also added the black book after ( Hope this helped! :D x